Opened August 2018 by owner Deanna Atkinson. A mother of four Beautiful children! As a stay at home mom I needed a flexible career for my family.

Pink & Blue Kidz Clothing started out by using only what my kids had outgrown ! Soon after I started to purchase from customers even do trades for those that needed the help!

As I have started to build my company I have found my purpose!

My ultimate goal is to work closely within our community to get to the real issues of donations to the resources within Chilliwack. To raise more awareness when the donations are being made. Focusing on the actual needs rather than just diapers or whatever is in the back of your pantry. Finding out what the real need is and getting the people in our community to think as if they were in the same position .

Helping people has always been what I have done and to be able to get more involved within our community is a huge dream that Pink & Blue Kidz Clothing is willing to tackle!